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About This Course

This is an intensive course in expository writing that aims to teach students to write effectively by using correct grammar, sound logic, and persuasive rhetoric. Though we will read and discuss writing by a variety of authors, your own writing will be the primary focus in this class. Through your writing, revision, reading, and class discussion, you will analyze the relationship between writing and thinking. To aid you in this endeavor, this course will introduce you to various research techniques, including the use of the library, the conventions and principles of documentation, the art of synthesis, and the analysis of sources.

What this basically means for you:

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Lisa Simpson isn't wrong. Writing is difficult. In fact, if writing isn't at least a bit frustrating, you aren't working hard enough. Sometimes essays will come like electric bolts, but even if they do, you always have to read, revise, and rethink your work. But the difficulty of writing need not result in frustration. The challenge of the page can be exhilarating and even inspiring, for it is through writing that new thinking is forged and new knowledge earned. So throughout this semester, in addition to commiserating over the difficulty of writing a great essay, we'll be practicing and discussing writing strategies that make writing a little less difficult and a bit more of a joy.

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